WEX Fleet Gas Card Program 

About WEX

Materials Management administers and maintains a commercial gasoline credit card program for the purchase of gasoline, diesel, or other designated motor fuels and oil. WEX Bank is ECU’s authorized gas card provider.

The ECU WEX gas card is for official use only for use with state- owned vehicles including Motor Fleet and other University-owned vehicles.  This card is not to be used for personal vehicles even if the traveler is on official ECU business.

Commercial credit cards are not to be used when the necessary services are available from State or University-operated facilities. Gasoline and oil should be obtained from the University service pumps whenever possible.  The WEX gas card is an alternative when the ECU gas pumps are inaccessible, low on fuel, or in cases of campus emergencies.  The WEX gas cards can be used for fuel and fluids only and are recognized and accepted at most major gas stations.

When purchasing fuel and/or fluids on your WEX gas card you should obtain a priced, itemized receipt at the time of purchase. Each department will receive a PORT requisition once a month for the activity on each card for that billing cycle. Attached will be the monthly statement and Banner ID Charge to departments that have purchased fuel.  Departments are responsible for matching the receipts to the statement and for verifying their charges.

To obtain a WEX gas card, please send an email to purchasing@ecu.edu with Requesting WEX Gas Card in the subject and include the following information in the body of the email.

  1. Department Name
  2. FOAPAL/Budget code
  3. Make, Model and Year of the vehicle
  4. License plate number of vehicle or vehicles that the card will be utilized with
  5. Contact person name and phone number

If your card is lost or stolen, please report it immediately to WEX Bank at 1-800-492-0669 and Materials Management at 328-6434.  Any charges made to the card are the responsibility of the department until WEX Bank has been notified.