Medical Storeroom

Order Processing/Storeroom Sales

This service is provided for medical personnel as well as other departments to obtain needed medical and scientific supplies, gases, and housekeeping supplies for use in departments, clinics, labs, and classrooms. Catalogs for items stocked by the Medical Storeroom are available in PORT. Approved requisitions are submitted to the Medical Storeroom via PORT for processing and orders are delivered by Medical Storeroom personnel to Brody, East Campus, and local sites.

Placing a Requisition for Medical Supplies

If following routine procedures:

  1. Access the Purchase Order & Requisition Tracking System (PORT) and ensure that you are on the home/shop tab.
  2. Click on East Carolina University (ECU) Medical Supplies icon.
  3. Search for Medical storeroom items by either entering an item description or catalog number in the search field.
  4. Users who wish to shop all product categories available in the Medical Supply catalog may enter an asterisk * in the search field and click search. The product categories listing will display in the bulletin board/Refine and Filter Search box located on the left-hand side of the shop screen.
  5. Product details may be displayed by clicking on the product description. Click close to close the product detail window.
  6. Enter the quantity needed and click Add to Cart to add any item to your shopping cart.
  7. For additional Medical Storeroom items, repeat steps 3 – 7 until all items have been added to the shopping cart.
  8. Once you have completed step 7 for the last item, click on the shopping cart in the top right-hand corner.
  9. After completing the Edit Cart step, click on “Review”.
  10. Ensure that the correct ship to and FOAP values are set for the requisition before clicking on the Submit Requisition step to complete the document.
  11. Click on the requisition number to print a copy for your records. The requisition will automatically go to the next step in the approval process.
  12. See the following link for detailed step-by-step instructions for ordering from the storeroom catalog: Hosted Storeroom Cart (PDF)

If an emergency/rush order is needed:

  1. Provide a copy of the PORT generated campus requisition with all approvals for the item(s) or
  2. Items may be picked up via a counter ticket with a valid FOAP code.

Storeroom Order Delivery

Delivery hours of operation are from 8:00 am-12: 00 pm and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.  Deliveries are made to the Brody complex and adjacent buildings, East Campus, and local off-campus sites.

Storeroom orders are received and processed online via a requisition in the PORT system to the designated vendor ECU Medical Supplies. These orders are delivered by Storeroom personnel within 48 hours after receipt of approved requisition or sooner for in-stock items. The department will be notified if any items are on extended backorder.  These items will be delivered immediately after adequate inventory levels are reached. Non-inventoried items can be ordered and processed as well. Please contact the Medical Storeroom with requests for special order items.  Special orders may require a longer delivery time.  Special delivery can be arranged if your department has an emergency need.  Please contact the Medical Storeroom at 328-9941 for assistance.

Gas Cylinder Orders and Related Medical or Specialty Gas Services

Departments needing gas cylinders for medical or specialty type gas will order through Airgas USA. Each department will place their gas orders with Airgas, using an ECU pro card, through the Airgas website at Each department will need to set up a new account in order to log in to the Airgas website. To set up a new Airgas account, please contact the local Airgas store at Please also use this Airgas email address to inquire about billing or delivery questions. Once a department places an order, Airgas will deliver the gas to Central Stores and Receiving, and then Central Stores and Receiving will complete delivery to the department. Central Stores and Receiving will pick up the empty gas cylinders upon delivery of the new gas cylinders and return the empty gas cylinders to Airgas.

Central Stores and Receiving personnel are responsible only for the delivery and removal of gas cylinders from the laboratories in the Brody Building. Central Stores and Receiving personnel are not authorized to make connections of piping, regulators, or other apparatus. Cylinder/tank safety and the various use or attachments are the responsibility of the department using the tank. If a gas cylinder needs to be relocated to another room or location within the Brody Building, please email Central Stores and Receiving at or call at 328-9941. Central Stores and Receiving will not be responsible for lost or missing tanks. It is the department’s responsibility to maintain tank inventory for their respective departments.

Liquid nitrogen are ordered by departments in PORT. Tanks can be ordered using part numbers 38100 (160 Liter) and 38105 (180 Liter). Tank orders involve the delivery of the tank by Central Stores and Receiving personnel to the department with no further service provided. Central Stores and Receiving will drop off the tank to the department and the department will then disperse the liquid. Liquid nitrogen dewar refills can be ordered in PORT using part number 38120. The refill service involves the department ordering what they estimate it will take to fill their dewar, in liters. The department’s order will remain a requisition until Central Stores and Receiving personnel completes the re-fill. Central Stores and Receiving will then, if necessary, edit the requisition, complete the requisition, and charge the department’s FOAP account used in the PORT order the final amount to be charged.