Small Dollar Purchases

Review the Pre-Purchasing Checklist (PDF) to determine if you will need to contact specific ECU departments prior making your purchase.  Purchases that may cause health and safety issues, require modifications to buildings, etc. will need to be reviewed by the appropriate departments.

The North Carolina Administrative Code defines small dollar purchases of goods and services, including software, as those that do not exceed $29,000 and are not available on a North Carolina state term contract. If the total cost for the aggregate need does not exceed $29,000 including the amounts of Extensions and Renewals, the small dollar procurement rules will apply.

Departments are encouraged, but not required, to collect three written quotes to determine the best value for small dollar purchases.  The department will enter a requisition onto PORT to the preferred supplier and attach any supporting documentation. The department will also add an internal note stating, “Price is fair, reasonable, and in line with prevailing market conditions.” · The Purchasing Office will review the request and after all reviews are complete, the Purchasing Office will approve the request as a small purchase, and a purchase order will be issued