Receiving of Goods

Departments have the responsibility to inspect all materials, supplies, and equipment immediately upon receipt.

If any items are missing, damaged, or do not perform to the standards agreed upon, please contact Materials Management immediately and enter a comment on the Purchase Order in PORT to note the issue.

Only when all materials, supplies, and equipment are received in satisfactory condition should departments complete the receiving documentation in PORT.  Completing the receiving documentation in PORT without physically receiving and inspecting all items for satisfaction is a violation of NC purchasing regulations and ECU policy.

It is extremely important for departments to receive the goods in PORT promptly upon delivery (no more than two business days).  It is also important that vendors send the invoice directly to Accounts Payable and not to the departments.  This will allow Accounts Payable to pay our bills promptly.  If a department receives an invoice, send it immediately (no more than two business days) to Accounts Payable and please instruct the vendor to send any future invoices to Accounts Payable.  For more information on receiving goods in PORT, please visit the PORT Training Manual (PDF) (28MB).