Purchasing Q&A

Do I have to purchase from State Term Contracts?

The State has entered into contracts for goods and services with various vendors at competitive prices.  Some State contracts are mandatory, and some are provided as a convenience.  The University is required to purchase items provided by mandatory State Term contracts when applicable.

Contract Listing

What if I find the same item on a State Term Contract at a lower total cost, including shipping?

Document the purchasing file with evidence that the cost you are paying is less than the State Term Contract.

Reference :  NCGS 116-13.  (b) Special responsibility constituent institutions shall have the authority to purchase equipment, materials, supplies, and services from sources other than those certified by the Secretary of Administration on term contracts, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The purchase price, including the cost of delivery, is less than the cost under the State term contract;
  2. The items are the same or substantially similar in quality, service, and performance as items available under State term contracts;
  3. The cost of the purchase shall not exceed the benchmark established under G.S. 116-31.10; and
  4. The special responsibility constituent institution notifies the Department of Administration of purchases consistently being made under this provision so that State term contracts may be improved.”

Can I sign a university contract, agreement, license, lease or memorandum of understanding?

Delegation of Contracting Authority | Office of University Counsel | ECU

What contracts does Materials Management Review?

We review contracts, agreements, licenses, related to acquisition of or purchase of goods and services on behalf of East Carolina University.

What is the Technology Purchase Process?

Service – Technology Purchase Process (teamdynamix.com)

How can I access the ProCard Technology Request form in PORT?

Any user with Shopper access will be able to submit the ProCard Technology (via ProCard) Form for software purchases. Users with Requisitioner or Division Approver access will be able to submit, both the ProCard Technology (via ProCard) and Technology Request (via Requisition) Forms.


How do I find HUB vendors registered with the State of NC?

Search for Vendor Information (state.nc.us)

What is a NC Debarred Vendor?

Debarred (Non-Allowable) vendors that have been excluded from doing business with the State.

Debarred Vendors lists

Can I trade my old equipment when I purchase new equipment?

Yes, but your equipment trade-in must be pre-approved from the State Surplus Property Office through the ECU Fixed Asst Office.

ECU Equipment Change in Status Form (PDF)

Can I justify a sole source purchase if my funds must be spent by the end of the fiscal year?

No, Budgetary considerations are not sufficient grounds to approve a sole source purchase.

Can I accept gift from suppliers?

Receipt of compensation or gratuities from any individual or entity doing business with the University. Note that no University employee may seek or receive any gift, reward, or promise of reward for recommending, influencing, or attempting to influence the award of a contract by his or her employer.

Public officers or employees benefiting from public contracts; exceptions.

Can I ship to a Residential (Personal) address in PORT?

Request through PORT (including PCard orders) cannot be used for delivery to a residential (personal) address

Can I ship office furniture to my home office to telework?

The Purchase of office chairs or desk are not allowed for delivery to a residential (home) address

What if I receive a call from individuals claiming to be representatives from toner companies?

They will usually ask for your copier model and serial # or they may know it and ask you to verify it. Say, “I’m not authorized to accept your products” and hang up or transfer them to Materials Management (328-6434).  Never give them any information or verify any information.

What if I receive unsolicited toner, other items, or invoices for services or items never requested?

If possible, get as much information off the label and refuse the box from the delivery service.  Then call Materials Management.  If you end up signing for the items, DO NOT OPEN.  Contact Materials Management with as much information as possible (company, address, etc.) and to receive further instruction.   Forward all documentation to Materials Management