Purchasing How To’s

Create a Supplier/Vendor Setup

In certain situations, it may be necessary for a department to request a supplier/vendor be setup so that they can initiate a requisition in PORT.

For more information regarding vendor setup requests, please visit Supplier Management or contact them at 737-5325 or ecu-suppliermgmt@ecu.edu.

Office Supplies

Office supplies are on State term contract, 615A (PDF). Forms & Supply (FSI Office) is the current contract supplier. Staples and Office Depot also have various office supplies at competitive pricing. To obtain State or ECU pricing you must order office supplies using the PORT catalogs.

NC DOA : 4412A – Office Supplies

Please note that office supply contracts do not include furniture. Furniture should be ordered from vendors listed on mandatory State Contract 420A. To view the awarded vendors, click on the link within the contract for STC 420A Award Information, and a spreadsheet will open. This spreadsheet includes tabs with the categories of furniture, ordering information, manufacturer, and dealer information. Furniture from office supply vendors may be cheaper, but it is not comparable quality and is not assembled. If you need specific contact information for local vendors, please contact Materials Management.


All purchases of desktops, laptops and tablets are required to be selected from ECU standardized CPI configurations.

The PORT e-procurement system must be used for all purchases.

Computers noted as the ECU Standards are purchased through the PORT punchout catalogs, are configured with the ECU image and ready to access the network.

ECU standard Windows desktops and laptops computers can be purchased through, Dell and Lenovo.

Apple desktops and laptops are not eligible for the CPI program but need to be purchased through PORT directly from Apple.

All ECU non-standard computers must be purchased using the Technology request form in PORT and will follow the following process: Service – Technology Purchase Process (teamdynamix.com)


All request for software, regardless of total dollar value and funding source, need to be submitted on the Technology Request form in PORT.

Software Information

Products may require the acceptance of a license agreement prior to use. Software License Agreements (SLA)/End User License Agreements (EULA) are Legal Binding Agreements and should be reviewed by Materials Management. Adobe products).

Personal Communication Devices (I.E. Cell Phones and Pagers)

Departments are required to order cell phones, pagers, mobile hot spots, and data plans through the ITCS. Any questions about this process should be directed to ITCS 737-5200.

Cellular and Pager Services Requests

Sole Source

If you feel the item or service, you require meets the definition above of being Sole Source, complete the Soule Source Justification Form and submit it along with the Purchase Requisition to the Procurement Services Department. The Sole Source Justification Form will require the following information:

  • The item and its function
  • The name and address of the suggested supplier
  • The reason for requesting a sole source purchase
  • The reason why the product or service is the only product or service that can satisfy your requirements
  • The name and address of other vendors who make or provide similar equipment or services and why these fail to meet your specific needs.

Upon receiving the Sole Source Justification Form the Purchase Department will review the information and the details of the requisition and process the requisition accordingly.


CopiServ is a copier management system in place at East Carolina University. This service allows departments to eliminate the need to purchase a copier and maintain a service contract. It also reduces the need to stock and keep inventory of paper and toner. CopiServ is the program of choice on campus!

CopiServ | University Printing & Graphics | ECU


East Carolina University operates it’s own print shop. Any work provided by University Printing and Graphic (UP&G) does NOT require bidding or Materials Management’s approval. Materials Management encourages their use for your printing needs.

University Printing and Graphics | University Printing & Graphics | ECU

Purchase items with ECU Logos

East Carolina University is required by law to control the use of its trademarks and control is maintained through allowing only officially licensed manufacturers to reproduce University trademarks. Therefore, items such as apparel and promotional/gift items must use licensed vendors and submit designs for approval PRIOR to production.

Please visit, University Communications for more information.

Water, Beverages, and Pepsi Products

Beverages (water, juice, sports drinks, and other Pepsi products) are procured from Minges Bottling Group which has exclusive pouring rights on ECU’s campus and all efforts need to be made to ensure that the University honors this contract.

Aquafina (Pepsi) water is available through our Central Stores in 16.9 oz. bottles in the 24-count case (item # 240-12312) and can be purchased through PORT. Water must be for University business purposes only and not for personal consumption by faculty and staff.

All water, sports drinks, and soda products purchased for University business must be Pepsi brand products and approved by the appropriate funding or budget office prior to purchase.

Internet Domains

Requests and information regarding domains can be directed to ITCS Infrastructure at 328-9008 (or Via Team Dynamix)

Rent or Lease Equipment

All requests for renting and leasing should be forwarded to the Procurement Services Department by way of a purchase requisition via PORT.

  • The request should be accompanied by a justification explaining the need to lease or rent rather than purchase.
  • A copy of the proposed rental or lease agreement and any additional/necessary communication needs to accompany the purchase requisition as an attachment.

The Procurement Services Department will review the request and take necessary action consistent with standard purchasing procedure.

Used Equipment

All used equipment purchases must be approved in advance by Materials Management.  Any used equipment purchase request must include the model number, condition, and age of the equipment being requested and detail what makes the purchase of the used piece of equipment a better overall value than purchasing new (including cost and warranty).  If the item is available on State Contract, departments must also submit a comparison showing the contract price vs the used equipment price.  With the purchase of a used item comes a risk that the item will not work as intended and most used items do not come with a warranty or guarantee of working condition.  As such, the department must state in writing if they are willing to accept the risk of purchasing a used item.

If purchasing from an online auction site (i.e. eBay) using the ECU ProCard, the payment will need to go through PayPal using an ECU email address, mailing address, etc. and the item must be purchased from a vendor, not an individual.  ProCard holders must put their approval email with their statement to show the purchase of used equipment was approved in advance.

All used equipment purchases are also subject to funding source approval and have a ECU business purpose documented.

Car Rentals

Rental Car information

Enterprise Rentals | Parking & Transportation | ECU

All staff and faculty must be approved for travel prior to renting a vehicle.

Travel Office | Financial Services | ECU

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) (commonly referred to as “drones” or “quadcopters”)

Purchase, construction, and use of any unmanned aircraft system at East Carolina University or by any agent representing East Carolina University requires prior review by the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Advisory Committee (UASAC).

Departments who have been approved to purchase an unmanned aircraft system need to attach their approval to their purchase request. Any request to purchase an unmanned aircraft system without approval from the UASAC will be returned to the department.

Request to purchase should be submitted on the appropriate Technology Request Form in PORT.

Any questions about this process should be directed to the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Advisory Committee (UASAC). UAS@ecu.edu

ECU Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Regulation | Research | ECU


All laboratory animal purchases must be placed by Comparative Medicine.

Department of Comparative Medicine | Department of Comparative Medicine | ECU

Radioactive Materials

The possession and use of radioactive materials by the University is authorized by the State of North Carolina, in agreement with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Permission to obtain and use radioactive material is granted to a faculty or staff member who can demonstrate, through training and experience, that these materials will be used in a safe and proper manner consistent with all regulations. This permission is granted to a qualified faculty or staff member upon an application to and approval by the University Radiation Safety Committee. The Committee also empowers the Radiation Safety Officer to ensure compliance with regulations and carry out the administrative duties of the Radiation Safety Program at the University.

For more information contact, the Radiation Safety Office

Radiation Safety; Laser Safety | Prospective Health | ECU

Propelled Equipment

Any propelled equipment purchases (lawn mowers, golf carts, etc.) must be reviewed by Facilities Services prior purchase.

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

Departments wishing to purchase an AED must receive authorization from EH&S/Prospective Health PRIOR to purchasing the AED. The approval from EH&S/Prospective Health must be attached with your ProCard documentation or in PORT with the requisition.

For more information regarding AEDs, please contact the Office of Environmental Health & Safety

Avoid Scams

Faculty and staff should take the following steps to avoid falling victim to the supplier’s scams: Watch out for fake “invoices” that do not reference an ECU purchase order number or that were not generated by an official ProCard purchase.  Watch out for telemarketers that call you directly with “limited time offers”.  Don’t order from a supplier calling you! Order your supplies from state or ECU contract suppliers. Never give out your ProCard information to unknown suppliers. Report any problems directly to Materials Management.