Avoiding Scams

ECU faculty and staff should be aware of an on-going problem with unauthorized supplier representatives using questionable business tactics to market “special promotions”, “limited time offers”, etc. for copier toner, office supplies, maintenance items, etc. These telemarketers attempt to scam the University by convincing faculty and staff to order or approve shipments of goods based on the misperception that they are a University approved supplier. These supplies are usually of inferior quality and priced significantly higher than fair market value from University approved suppliers. Some of their questionable business tactics include:

  • Phone calls about renewal orders never placed
  • Invoices for goods never shipped
  • A deadline for special promotion or sales
  • Pre-authorization for a future shipment
  • Phone calls to send FREE samples of toner
  • Bogus email order confirmations
  • Fictitious invoices for services or items never requested or received

To help the University community stay on guard against these telemarketing suppliers,