Surplusing University Property Procedure

  1. Ensure that you or the appropriate person in your department has access to PETS (Property Equipment Tracking System).
  2. Enter a Surplus Pickup Request in PETS.
    • If the item(s) being surplused has a Fixed Assets’ tag number, this number must be entered in the Asset # field on the Surplus Pickup Request in PETS. The full 9-digit number must be entered (6-digit ECU tag # plus three zeros ‘000’ at the end).
    • Each item needs to be listed individually with a complete description. Items cannot be entered in “lots”. For example, if you have 5 computers to surplus, each computer must be listed including the condition, serial number, model, and description. If any items are damaged or are in non-working order, please denote this in the description field. A miscellaneous box of small items is acceptable; however, a quantity and description of the miscellaneous items must be entered in the description field (i.e. 2 staplers, 3 wood desk trays, 2 keyboards). The only exception is a box of cords. A description of each cord is not necessary; just enter one box of miscellaneous cords.
      The Surplus Pickup Request must be approved at the department level by the PETS administrator. Upon authorization, the administrator is verifying that all information listed is correct. Once the Surplus Pickup Request is completed and approved, it is submitted electronically to the Surplus Property Office. Pickup Schedule/Manifest and labels are printed by Surplus 24-48 hrs upon receiving from department. ECU Mail Services picks up from Surplus office daily. A copy of the Pickup Schedule/Manifest is sent electronically to Moving Services.
      Each Surplus Pickup Request is assigned a Disposal Request # (i.e. DR# 10274) by the PETS system. This number will be needed to complete the Moving Services request in step 4 below.
  3. Once all items are tagged, enter a Work Request to have Moving Services pick up items going to Surplus via the Facilities Services’ AIM/Work Management System (Off-Campus VPN Access Required). When completing the Work Request, it is NOT necessary to list all items from the pickup manifest on the work order; however, you are required to enter the DR# on the first line of the description of the work order so that Moving Services will be able to match your request with the appropriate manifest. Instructions for completing the Moving Services’ request are available on the AIM/Work Management System under the link titled AIM and may be accessed by clicking
  4. With the appropriate Work Order and copy of the pickup manifest in hand, Moving Services will verify the items for pickup, verify and note the quantity, and will ask a department representative to sign off in the “Authorized by” section of the pickup manifest, which denotes the department’s approval of the items going to Surplus. Moving Services’ personnel will also sign the pickup manifest denoting they are receiving/moving the property.
    Note: The department is responsible for the safety and security of all University equipment and supplies until Moving Services has taken possession. We do not recommend you sit items in the hallway or other unsecured areas where items may easily be removed by Faculty, Staff, Students, or visitors.

    • Moving Services can ONLY pickup items that have been tagged with the temporary tags and included on the pickup manifest. Items not tagged CANNOT be picked up. If you have additional items that need to go to Surplus, a new Surplus Pickup Request must be entered.
  5. Moving Services will deliver the items to Surplus Property. Surplus Property will accept delivery by signing the pickup manifest, will scan the bar codes, and will update inventory. When items are received by Surplus Property that reference an ECU Tag #, departmental Fixed Assets’ inventory records will be updated accordingly.

Remember: Property is not considered surplus until it’s received by the Surplus Property Department. In addition, property can only be surplused via the PETS system following the steps listed above.

Equipment (not moved within ECU or transferred to another government agency) is placed on a bid through State Surplus Property in Raleigh. Individuals may bid on these items. For information regarding the bid process, go to Bid Home ( Item(s) not sold via the bid process with State Surplus Property may be sold in the ECU Surplus Retail Store or are dispositioned in accordance with the guidelines set forth by State Surplus Property.

As stated above, departments should note any defects or damage to equipment via the description field in PETS. Information in the description field will print on the temporary tag and will therefore be visible to Surplus staff.