Hazardous Materials Shipping Guidelines

The following guidelines are intended to inform and assist University employees when preparing hazardous materials packages for shipment off campus using carriers such as FedEx, UPS, etc.

Departments need to contact Environmental Health & Safety at 328-6166 (East Campus), or the Office of Prospective Health, BSOM at 744-2070 (West Campus) with any questions regarding hazardous materials and packaging. Central Stores (East Campus) and Brody Shipping (West Campus) should be notified up front that a package contains hazardous materials and will verify that EH&S or Prospective Health has been consulted.

NOTE: Listed below are standard guidelines to follow. The Code of Federal Regulations, CFR Title 49, DOT Parts 100-185 covers the Hazmat Transportation Regulations. All modes of transportation are outlined in the regulations including air, rail, water, or ground transport. A copy of this guide is available in the Medical Storeroom/Brody Shipping and Receiving office at Brody GE-78.

Processing a Package for Shipment

  • Packages shall be properly packed, secured, labeled and marked with the proper labels according to the policy set forth in the shipping hazardous materials regulations described in the guidelines referenced above. Items such as box strength, absorbent materials, and proper UN chemical classifications are also addressed in CFR Title 49, DOT Parts 100-185.
  • The department shipping the package is responsible for proper packaging and labeling.
  • A campus requisition shall be prepared for every outbound shipment. The campus requisition shall list the pertinent shipping and billing information as well as any hazardous material including the quantity of material that is to be shipped.
  • Any package containing dry ice, wet ice, or any special handling instructions such as keep upright, refrigerate on arrival, glass/fragile, etc., shall be noted on the package and on the requisition.
  • The amount of dry ice shall also be noted on the requisition and marked on the corresponding Dry Ice label.

*Note: Only sturdy, molded, styrofoam containers from a packaging lab will be accepted when shipping dry ice.

  • Any hazardous materials shipping labels or shipper certifications shall be prepared by the department shipping the package. Assistance will be provided by Brody shipping office personnel in reference to providing labels and directions. Departments will be contacted by shipping personnel if a package is improperly labeled or secured. It shall be the department’s responsibility to retrieve the package from the shipping office for correct packaging.